How to Jailbreak a TI-84 Plus CE

The latest versions of the TI-84 Plus CE operating system disable the ability to run assembly programs, such as games. Fortunately, it is possible to jailbreak your calculator using arTIfiCE to restore this functionality.

Jailbreaking is only necessary if your OS version is 5.5 or higher. For help checking your OS version, watch this video.

Jailbreak Download

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install TI Connect CE

    In order to send files to your calculator, you are going to need a piece of software called “TI Connect CE”. This software can be downloaded from the following page: TI Connect CE Download

  2. Download the Jailbreak Files

    To execute the jailbreak, you will need to download the two files listed at the top of the page: the Jailbreak and CabriJr.

  3. Send the Jailbreak Files to Your Calculator

    Open TI Connect CE. On the sidebar, click on the second option down (the one below the camera) and connect your calculator to your computer using the charging cable. Make sure your calculator is turned on, and drag the two files you downloaded in the previous step into TI Connect CE. Click “SEND”.

  4. Open CabriJr

    On your calculator, open the CabriJr app by pressing the “apps” button and selecting CabriJr.

  5. Open arTIfiCE

    Once CabriJr is open, press any key to continue. A drop down menu should pop up (if it doesn’t, press the “y=” key). Select “Open…” and then select ARTIFICE.

  6. Run CalcPlex

    You should now see a screen titled “arTIfiCE SHELL”. There should be an option called CALCPLEX (it may be the only option). Select it by pressing enter.
    The screen will refresh and then say “No ASM programs found”. Exit by pressing the “mode” key.

  7. Use the CalcPlex App

    Congratulations, you have successfully jailbroken your calculator! You can now run assembly programs/games by pressing the apps button, selecting CalcPlex, and choosing the game you would like to play inside of the CalcPlex app. For help installing games, refer to this tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this harm my calculator or void the warranty? Most likely not – if you reset all memory on your calculator, the jailbreak will be removed and no traces will be left behind.
  • How do I remove the jailbreak? Simply reset all memory on your calculator.
  • What are the licenses? arTIfiCE license, Cesium license (the CalcPlex app is based on Cesium)